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Canon Blue is an indie/electronic/folktronica[1][2] project by Nashville based artist/producer Daniel James.[3] On October 6, 2011, NPR world cafe called the band "up and coming".[3][4] Canon Blue notably opened for several Foster the People shows in June 2011[5] and their song "Indian Summer (Des Moines)" was featured on NPR as October 28, 2011's "Song-of-the-day".[6]

2007 album: Colonies[edit]

Their debut album Colonies was released on Rumraket records (a label run by the band, Efterklang, based in Denmark) on 17 September 2007. It was mixed by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear and mastered by Barcelona based Composer/Electronic artist Cristian Vogel.

2011 album: Rumspringa[edit]

Canon Blue's new album Rumspringa was also produced by Rumraket (affiliated with members of the Danish band Efterklang) and was released August 29, 2011.[7] Musical collaborators on this latest album include multi-instrumentalist Chris Taylor (of the Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear) [8] as well as the Icelandic string band Amiina[8] (who are often associated with their work with Sigur Rós) and Slaraffenland,[8] an experimental Danish pop band.

Other projects[edit]

They have also been featured on Erased Tapes Records and played the Roskilde Festival 2008.


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