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This article is about the village in Peru. For the New Zealand magazine, see Canta (magazine). For the city in Roraima state, Brazil, see Cantá.
View of the town of Canta

Canta is a town in the Lima Region, in western Peru. The town is located on the Chillón River and is the capital of the Canta Province. With a population of 2,918 (2005 census), it is also the capital of Canta District. It is frequently visited by tourists from Lima because of its quietness and the beauty of its natural landscapes. The town's altitude is 2,819 m. above sea.


The town is 103 kilometres (64 mi) from Lima, about a three-hour bus ride, and is often visited by geography students from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. The small town of Obrajillo is nearby.


At some time in the 16th century, it was dominated by the Inca Pachacutec during his path to the north. The Spanish conquistadors found Canta in a prosperous locality. It was given like a parcel to don Nicolas de Ribera. During the campaign for the Independence for the Spanish crown, its people had given strong support to the cause of liberation. For that, in 1839 it was declared "heroic village".

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Coordinates: 11°28′S 76°37′W / 11.467°S 76.617°W / -11.467; -76.617