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The Canterbury Red Devils is a team in the New Zealand Ice Hockey League. It is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and was founded in 2005. After being runners up in the two previous years, the Red Devils are the 2009 and 2012 NZIHL champions. The Canterbury Red Devils were denied a finals spot in 2010 after tying on points with the West Auckland Admirals but having more wins and a better goal difference were not called upon to tie break, instead the finalist was the team with the most wins head-to-head which was the Admirals. 2011 saw the same result. Tied with the Stampede on points, the Red Devils lost a finals berth due to the Stampede having a better head to head record. In the 2012 NZIHL finals, the Red Devils beat the Southern Stampede in a shootout. The Red Devils also won NZIHL titles in 2013 and 2014 against the Dunedin Thunder. In winning their 3rd NZIHL championship in a row, the Canterbury Red Devils became the first NZIHL team to achieve a three-peat. The Canterbury Red Devils also hold the regular season NZIHL trophy: the Toa Kauhunga Riri Tio as well as the NZIHL minor premiership which has not been held by the Red Devils since 2009.

NZIHL Awards[edit]

NZIHL champions 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014 NZIHL Minor Premiership: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014 Toa Kauhunga Riri Tio: Current Holders

NZIHL Finals MVP: Dale Harrop (2014), Takumi Ledbetter (2013), Valeri Konev (2012), Justin Findlay (2009)

Best Defencemen: Terry Watt (2013), Dan Nicholls (2011), Mitchell Oak (2010), Hayden Argyle (2007)

Top Points NZIHL: Chris Eaden (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), Janos Kaszala (2007, 2008)

NZIHL Top Goaltender: Michael Coleman (2014), Justin Findlay (2009)

NZIHL Rookie of the year: Dale Harrop (2007), Dan Nicholls (2008), Ryan Ruddle (2009), Jerreau Hohaia (2011), Jake Ratcliffe (2013)

Canterbury Red Devils
League NZIHL
Founded 2005
Based in Christchurch, New Zealand
Home Ice Alpine Ice Sports and Entertainment Centre
Colours Red, Black and White
Titles 4
Head coach Stacey Rout
Captain Hayden Argyle

Current roster[edit]

1     Goalie       Michael Coleman         NZ
30      Goalie  Justin Findlay  Canada
28      Goalie  Daniel Lee (reserve)    NZ (U18)
9       D       Hayden Argyle   NZ, Captain
80      D       Tamas Lencses   Hungary, Import
13      D       Evan Zych       Canada, Import
77      D       Tom Richards    NZ (U20)
2       D       Jamie Lawrence  NZ
4       D       Jesse Norcliffe         NZ
24      D       Josh Louw       NZ (U18)
        D       Mason Kennedy   NZ (U20)
        D       Tayler Kennedy  NZ (U18)
43      F       Chris Eaden     NZ, Assistant
20      F       Vladimir Kutny  Slovakia, Import
92      F       Vitaljis Hvorostinins   Latvia, Import
6       F       Dale Harrop     NZ
5       F       Brett Speirs    NZ
88      F       Jaxson Lane     NZ
81      F       Anton Purver    NZ
23      F       Josh Greenwood  NZ
14      F       Max Macharg     NZ (U18)
21      F       Bradley Apps    NZ (U20)
27      F       Dean Tonks      UK, Assimilated
12      F       Liam Dallimore  NZ (U18)
        F       Jacob Ratcliffe         NZ (U18)

Head Coach: Stacey Rout Management: Jake Lane, Tim Ratcliffe, Graham Tappin

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