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Canterbury of New Zealand
Industry Sport Apparel
Founded 1904
Headquarters Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK
Products Clothing

Canterbury of New Zealand is a New Zealand-based sports clothing company that focuses on rugby football. The company is named after the Canterbury area in New Zealand where the company started to make knitwear. Other than producing rugby kits, the brand is also known for their rugby protective wear such as headgear and pads, and rugby boots. The company also manufactures and markets lifestyle clothing.

The brand's tagline is "Canterbury: the world's original rugby brand". Its logo is the silhouettes of three birds (Kiwis) on three solid circular backgrounds creating the letters CCC; the initials of the Canterbury Clothing Company.

The brand is distributed widely among rugby-playing nations. The head office was formerly based in the city of Christchurch in Canterbury in the South Island, but has now moved to Auckland. There are operations in Brisbane, Australia; Emeryville, USA and Manchester, UK. The brand is also manufactured and marketed in Japan under licence by Canterbury of New Zealand Japan. In 2006, Canterbury sold its South African operations to investment group House of Monatic, which set up Canterbury South Africa to run these operations under licence.[1]

In March 2012 it was announced that Canterbury had won the England Rugby Shirt contract from Nike, [2] and in September 2012 they launched the new England kit range. [3]

The European arm, Canterbury Europe Ltd, based in Stockport, was purchased by JD Sports in 2009,[4] then sold on in 2012 to sports and fashion retail group Pentland Group for £22.7m.[5]



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  • New Zealand Auckland Rugby Referees Association

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Canterbury of New Zealand is the wholesale provider of sportswear to the sports teams at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with the exception of the Gaelic Football Team whose kit is manufactured by O'Neills. The company is also sponsors the men's and women's rugby union clubs at University of Exeter.

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