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Canto Software is a publisher of digital asset management (DAM) software.

Canto was founded in 1990, in Berlin, Germany. Canto’s first product Cirrus, was a flatbed scanner software for Apple Macintosh.

In 1992, Canto released Cumulus digital asset management software and was awarded “Most Innovative Product of 1992” by Apple Computer. Cumulus is a digital asset management system, which is used to organize, find and share digital assets. Cumulus has over 1 million user licenses and 15,000 server installations worldwide and remains Canto’s flagship product.

Canto has a longstanding history of offering customization, training and ongoing consulting.

Target markets include Brand Management, Corporate Communications, Marketing, Manufacturing, Advertising/Design, Government, Publishing, Higher Education, Retail and Prepress/Print.

Canto also sells a number of optional products for Cumulus, and additional enhancement products are available from third-party developers. Strategic partnerships for product development are maintained with Apple Inc., Microsoft, Adobe Systems and others.

Canto has locations in San Francisco, Berlin and Frankfurt (Linden). The company remains privately owned.

Canto's executive officers are CEO Jack McGannon, CFO Hans-Dieter Schaedel and CTO Thomas Schleu.

Canto Cumulus inventor, Thomas Schleu, won the "DAMMY of the Year" award at the 2011 Createasphere DAM Conference in New York City.


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