Canyon Diablo (canyon)

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For the nearby ghost town and other uses, see Canyon Diablo, Arizona, and Canyon Diablo (disambiguation).
Diablo Canyon
Diablo Canyon.jpg
Canyon Diablo, north of Two Guns, not far from Meteor Crater
Coordinates 35°17′46″N 110°59′21″W / 35.29611°N 110.98917°W / 35.29611; -110.98917Coordinates: 35°17′46″N 110°59′21″W / 35.29611°N 110.98917°W / 35.29611; -110.98917
Railroad bridge over Canyon Diablo in the 1870s

Canyon Diablo (Navajo: Kin Łigaaí) is a canyon north of Two Guns in Northern Arizona. It is located in the Navajo Indian Reservation.

The canyon passes 3 miles (4.8 km) west of Meteor Crater. The community of Canyon Diablo, Arizona on the edge of the canyon about 12 miles (19 km) northwest of the crater was the closest community to the crater when scientists began investigating the crater. Consequently the meteorite that caused the crater is officially called the Canyon Diablo meteorite.[1]

The 1930 Canyon Diablo highway bridge, once used by U.S. Route 66 to cross the canyon south of the present I-40 bridges, is on the National Register of Historic Places.[2]

The BNSF Canyon Diablo railroad bridge is a well-known railfan site.[3]