Caorso Nuclear Power Plant

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Caorso Nuclear Power Plant
Carso NPP 1.jpg
Outside view of the plant, 2005
Caorso Nuclear Power Plant is located in Italy
Caorso Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Caorso Nuclear Power Plant in Italy
Coordinates 45°04′19″N 9°52′20″E / 45.07206°N 9.87214°E / 45.07206; 9.87214Coordinates: 45°04′19″N 9°52′20″E / 45.07206°N 9.87214°E / 45.07206; 9.87214
Status Unit 1: Decommissioned
Construction began 1968–1970
Commission date January 1, 1970
Operator(s) SOGIN
Nuclear power station
Reactor type BWR
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 860

Caorso Nuclear Power Plant was a nuclear power plant at Caorso in Italy. It featured a single Boiling Water Reactor with an electrical net output of 860 MW, used low-enriched uranium as fuel, was moderated and cooled by light water.

It operated from 1978 until 1990, when it was closed following the referendum of November 1987. It was by far the most modern and in terms of capacity biggest nuclear power plant to go online in Italy.


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