Caotun, Nantou

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Caotun Township in Nantou County
Caotun Township

Caotun Township (Chinese: 草屯鎮; pinyin: Cǎotún Zhèn; Wade–Giles: Ts'ao3-t'un2 Chen4; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: chháu-tùn) is an urban township in the northwest of Nantou County, Taiwan.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Yufeng Village, Mingzheng Village, Yanfeng Village, Zhongzheng Village, Heping Village, Zhongshan Village, Duihe Village, Shanjiao Village, Xincuo Village, Shanglin Village, Bifeng Village, Bizhou Village, Fuxing Village, Yushi Village, Xinfeng Village, Xinzhuang Village, Jialao Village, Shichuan Village, Beitou Village, Fuliao Village, Beishi Village, Zhongyuan Village, Nanpu Village, Pingding Village, Tucheng Village, Pinglin Village, Shuangdong Village.[1]


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The nearest train station to Caotun is the Yuanlin Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration in Changhua County.

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Coordinates: 23°58′59″N 120°43′57″E / 23.983°N 120.7326°E / 23.983; 120.7326