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A batch of chhú-khak-ké in a steamer
Alternative names Chau-a-ke, chu-khak-ke, shuquguo
Place of origin China
Region or state Taiwan and Fujian
Main ingredients glutinous rice flour, sugar, ground hahagohusa paste
Other information Served during Qingming
Cookbook:Caozaiguo  Caozaiguo
Chinese 草仔粿
Alternative Chinese name
Chinese 鼠麴粿

Caozaiguo or shuquguo is a type of kuih with a sweet dough made with glutinous rice flour, sugar, and a ground cooked paste of hahagohusa or Chinese mugwort. The herbs give the dough and the finished kuih a unique flavor and brownish green color.[1] The kuih is a found in Fujian, Hakka, Taiwanese cuisine.

The kuih is usually made in Qingming Festival as a celebratory food item. Although the kuih can be made from either herb, Chinese mugwort is more commonly used in making Hakka-style caozaiguo.[1][2] The herb-flavored dough is commonly filled with ground meat, dried daikon, or sweet bean pastes. In Taiwan, a filling consisting of Dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, dried and shredded daikon (菜脯), and deep-fried shallots is commonly used.

See also[edit]

  • Qingtuan, the mainland Chinese form of this dish
  • Kusamochi, the Japanese form of this dish


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