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Web address
Slogan Mon Acadie en un seul clic!
Commercial? yes
Type of site
Local news, entertainment, classifieds
Registration free
Available in French
Owner CapAcadie inc
Created by Nadine Léger
Launched 1997
Current status is redirected to is a French Canadian website which serves as L'Acadie NOUVELLE's official web platform. is based in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Its mission is to offer continuous local information as well as tools that allow users to express themselves and promote Acadian culture.


In 1997, Nadine Léger creates for a student project in the Graphic Communications program at L'Université Laval. Back then, was already associating itself with an innovative vision of the Acadian culture on the Internet. The same year, the 'Caisses populaires acadiennes' launches

After a lot of work, is redesigned and relaunched on the 18th of January 2000. It has a new graphical interface integrated in the NetworkCentrix centralized management system of BMG Consultants inc..

On May 22, 2000, is happy to welcome L'Acadie NOUVELLE as a new business partner. In 2000, creates 'Promenade de l'Acadie', the first online store in Acadie.

Two years later, develops 'The Acadian Guide' (Le Guide de L'Acadie), a new website that contains all sorts of information's on the Acadian history, culture and communities.

In late 2007, Les Éditions de L'Acadie NOUVELLE (1984) and Bristol Group announce that they will create a joint venture to form CapAcadie Inc, a new interactive media destination that will make the popular a much more vibrant website. L'Acadie NOUVELLE thus becomes the joint owner of

On January 21, 2009, the 'Caisses populaires acadiennes' Federation offers to The two websites amalgamate and become the market leader among Acadie based websites. At this same date, officially launches its new website. All these events take place in light of the 2009 Acadian World Congress.

Content[edit] has many sections, all accessible from the home page. Most news are provided by L'Acadie NOUVELLE. Other is sourced from La Voix Acadienne, Le Moniteur acadien, Le Front, Le Gaboteur, Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse, CJSE, CFBO' CFAI, CKLE and various press agencies.

Other tools or contents[edit]

The blog creation section is accessible to everyone. Certain blogs, like Carol Doucet's or Marc Gauloye's blogs, are promoted on the home page. posts daily obituaries that are in L'Acadie NOUVELLE.

The purpose of the events calendar is to allow users to promote every activity or event in the Acadie region. The upcoming events are always posted on the main page.

See CapTV - La Vraie Télé Acadienne

CapPhoto is an image-sharing section.

NosChampions is an image-sharing section for amateur sports photos. Its mission is to promote amateur sports in Acadie.

Users can listen to their favourite local radio stations live on Radio partners are the following: CHQC, CKRO, CKLE, CKMA, CKUM, CIMS, BOFM, CKJM, CFAI.

A survey is posted on the main page each day. This daily question is always chosen according to the news.

This section contains contests, Atlantic lottery winning numbers and horoscopes.

This section posts the weather forecast of all the regions in New Brunswick.

This tool allows Acadians throughout the world to post their location on a world map. offers a free classifieds service. Users can sell everything they wish, from vehicles to any kind of object. They can also offer their services, post employment offers or even wish friends or loved ones happy birthday. This service is very popular: nearly 2,500 classifieds are available each day. Moreover, all paid classifieds that are in L'Acadie NOUVELLE are promoted on the site.

CapTV – La Vraie Télé Acadienne[edit]

CapTV - La Vraie Télé Acadienne is an Acadian video-sharing and broadcasting platform.

CapAcadie's team considers that it is crucial for Acadians to have a platform of their own, because of the considerable amount of English content available on other video websites. In order to regroup and consolidate Acadian video content in a single location, CapAcadie's team created CapTV - La Vraie Télé Acadienne. CapTV offers a wide range of channels, both amateur and professional. Because the producers are all from the area, they can easily reach the right target audience. Furthermore, users can share their videos on CapTV by embeding from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or other video-sharing websites.


  • Acadieman
  • Congrès Mondial Acadien
  • Le Réseau de développement économique de l'employabilité
  • KBoomTV
  • Franco Fête en Acadie
  • L'Office National du Film en Acadie
  • La Ligue d'improvisation Chaleur
  • Le Pays de la Sagouine
  • 1755
  • Joseph Edgar
  • Le Festival Acadien de Caraquet
  • La Ligue de Hockey Senior de la Côte Nord
  • Loui$ la Piastre
  • Nos Experts
  • J'aime l'art actuel
  • CJA Productions
  • Ciné Campus
  • Klip Com avec Izabelle Desjardins
  • J2XF
  • Les Loisirs Socioculturels de L'Université de Moncton
  • Printemps d'Rire
  • La WebTV des Îles

Facts[edit] reaches more than 130,000 individuals each month, which is approximately 63% of the French-speaking population in Atlantic Canada.[1] It is ranked first among French-speaking websites in East Coast Canada, followed by [2] and[3] is ranked #4 among all news websites in Atlantic, French and English.[4]


  • Chief Executive Officer: André Wilson
  • Sales Manager: Gilles Haché
  • Technology Director: Jason Lavigne
  • Online Editor: Patrick Lacelle
  • Public Relations : Carol Doucet Communications
  • Graphic Designer/Animator: Éric Cormier
  • Ad service: L'Acadie NOUVELLE
  • News service: L'Acadie NOUVELLE


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