Cape Arcona Type Foundry

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Cape Arcona Type Foundry
Type privately held
Founded 2002
Headquarters Germany
Key people Stefan Claudius, President
Thomas Schostok, King

The Cape Arcona Type Foundry was founded in Essen, Germany in 2002 by designers Thomas Schostok and Stefan Claudius. The Cape Arcona Type Foundry is an independent type foundry that produces and distributes digital typefaces. The Cape Arcona Type Foundry offers a wide range of typographic services, from original typeface design to individual font production and graphic design.


It is said, that the Cape Arcona Type Foundry has it’s headquarters at the fictional country of Cape Arcona. According to the founders, the country of Cape Arcona is really a small place. It was a little wonder nobody had ever heard of it before... It was really quiet for hundreds of years but then came two multi millionaires (in form of the founders) who took over the state and declared themselves King (Thomas Schostok) and President (Stefan Claudius) of this little spot. The new regents made a few minor changes to Cape Arcona. Within the borders of the country they abolished money and introduced the production of fonts


The typefaces of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry range to all styles. Their most popular typefaces are: CA Blitzkrieg Pop, CA Aires Pro, CA BND, CA Zaracusa. The Cape Arcona Type Foundry once said: We always searched for the strange and the unexpected in a font but never gave more detailed information about what they really meant with that.

Passion for Elvis Presley[edit]

The founders had always a passion for the songs and life of Elvis Presley especially the King of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry. He had a passion to sing Karaoke versions of the songs of Elvis Presley at typographic events and lectures.

History of the fictional country of Cape Arcona[edit]

For hundreds of years Cape Arcona was a melting pot for the most different cultures but the main influences came from England, America, Spain, Germany and France. Wherever people felt dissatisfied with their countries they immigrated to Cape Arcona and found a friendly climate, nice folks and a peaceful place to live. Cape Arcona offers dramatic cliffs and sweet beaches such as El Arcona, Puntarcona or Point d'Arcona. Besides fonts, tourism is one of the major resources of the little country.

The Name: Cape Arcona Type Foundry[edit]

For the sake of political correctness the founders always stated that the Cape Arcona Type Foundry was not named after the destroyed luxury liner SS Cap Arcona (the ship was named after Cape Arkona on the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany). The destroying of the ship was a tragedy and the founders of the Cape Arcona Type Foundry always assured that they didn’t have this in mind when giving their foundry the name.

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