Cape Blanco (Oregon)

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Coordinates: 42°50′15″N 124°33′50″W / 42.8376089°N 124.5639997°W / 42.8376089; -124.5639997

Cape Blanco from space, October 1994

Cape Blanco is a prominent headland on the Pacific Ocean coast of southwestern Oregon in the United States, forming the westernmost point in the state.

It is located in northern Curry County, approximately 5 mi (8 km) north of Port Orford, along a mountainous and isolated stretch of the coast bounded to the east by the Coast Range. The cape is part of Cape Blanco State Park. The cape is the location of the Cape Blanco Light, first lit in 1870.

In Jules Verne's early science fiction book The Begum's Millions, a Utopian community named Ville-France is established in 1872 on the South Oregon beach. Verne gives the location of this fictitious community as "eighty kilometres north of Cape Blanco".

At Cape Blanco, geologists have found that the land is rising at a rate of several millimeters each year.[1]

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