Cape Cà Mau National Park

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Cape Ca Mau National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Location South Vietnam
Nearest city Cà Mau
Coordinates 8°40′30″N 104°47′30″E / 8.67500°N 104.79167°E / 8.67500; 104.79167Coordinates: 8°40′30″N 104°47′30″E / 8.67500°N 104.79167°E / 8.67500; 104.79167
Area 418.62 km²
Established 2003
Governing body People's Committee of Cà Mau Province

Cape Cà Mau National Park (Vietnamese: Vườn quốc gia Mũi Cà Mau) is a national park in southern Vietnam. It is located in Đất Mũi Commune, Ngọc Hiển District, in Cà Mau, the southernmost of Vietnam's provinces.

The park was established by Decision 142/2003/QĐ-TTg of the Prime Minister of Vietnam on July 14, 2003 on the basis of the natural preservation zone of Đất Mũi, a zone founded by Decision 194/CT, dated August 9, 1986.


This park is located on the southernmost tip of Vietnam's territory.

Coordinates: from N 8°32' to 8°49' and E 104°40' to 104°55'.

Total area: 41,862 ha, including:

  • Inland area: 15,262 ha.
  • Coast area: 26,600 ha.

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