Cape Cod and Islands

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The Cape and Islands

Cape Cod and the Islands (more commonly, The Cape and Islands) is a common local name for the area of southeast Massachusetts including Barnstable (Cape Cod), Dukes (Martha's Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands), and Nantucket Counties, and by some definitions including part or all of the towns of Plymouth and Wareham.

By voter registration numbers, Democrats outnumber Republicans by less in the three counties than in the whole of Massachusetts, to varying degrees.[1]

Cape Cod in particular is a popular retirement area, and the average age of residents is the highest of any area in New England.[citation needed]

The bulk of the land in the area is glacial terminal moraine and represents the southernmost extent of glacial coverage in southeast New England; similar glacial formations make up Long Island in New York and Block Island in Rhode Island.[citation needed]


Coordinates: 41°39′57.31″N 70°26′23.26″W / 41.6659194°N 70.4397944°W / 41.6659194; -70.4397944