Cape D'Aguilar

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Cape D'Aguilar
Cape D'Aguilar
Traditional Chinese 鶴嘴
Kau Pei Chau
Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse

Cape D'Aguilar, or Hok Tsui, is a cape in the south of Shek O and D'Aguilar Peak on southeastern Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The peninsula, where the cape is on its southeastern side, is also known as Cape D'Aguilar. It is named after Major-General George Charles D'Aguilar.


There are two small islands, known as Kau Pei Chau (狗髀洲), in the southern vicinity of the cape. Its south water is Sheung Sze Mun (雙四門).

Cape D'Aguilar Marine Reserve[edit]

Cape D'Aguilar is environmentally protected by setting the area as Cape D'Aguilar Marine Reserve.

Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse[edit]

Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse is one of the declared monuments of Hong Kong. It is also known as Hok Tsui Beacon.[1] The lighthouse is one of five pre-war surviving lighthouses in Hong Kong; it is also the oldest lighthouse in Hong Kong. Two of the five lighthouses are on Green Island while the other three are at Cape D'Aguilar, Waglan Island and Tang Lung Chau respectively. Waglan Lighthouse and Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse are also declared monuments of Hong Kong. [2]

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Coordinates: 22°12′28″N 114°15′38″E / 22.20778°N 114.26056°E / 22.20778; 114.26056