Cape Enniberg

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Enniberg (right)
Enniberg (left)

Cape Enniberg is the northernmost point of the Faroe Islands, located on the Island of Viðoy. It is 754 metres (2,474 ft) above sea level, altitude that makes it the highest sea-cliff in Europe which goes vertically down to open sea.

From the landside, only experienced mountain climbers with a trained local guide should attempt to scale the cliff. As a normal hiker, one can only reach a certain height on the trail without a problem. However, as in the rest of the Faroes, fog can roll in suddenly and linger for a long time.

At the southern foot of the nearby 844-metre (2,769 ft) high mountain, Villingadalsfjall, lies the picturesque town of Viðareiði.

All summer long, as long as there is good weather, there are boating trips to Cape Enniberg. People come not only to see the cliff's imposing size, but also the famous bird colony found there. The colony is the most important in the archipelago.


  • The information in this article is based on that of its German equivalent.

Coordinates: 62°23′N 6°34′W / 62.383°N 6.567°W / 62.383; -6.567