Cape Espenberg

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Barrier islands and lagoons at Cape Espenberg
Map showing Kotzebue Sound and Cape Espenberg

Cape Espenberg is a cape located on the Seward Peninsula in Alaska, on the Chukchi Sea coast.

Cape Espenberg points northwards, 42 mi NW of Deering, Kotzebue-Kobuk Low. On its southeastern side there is the small Goodhope Bay, an inlet of the Kotzebue Sound.

Named in 1816 by Lt. Otto von Kotzebue (1821, p. 236) for Dr. Karl Espenberg, a surgeon who accompanied Captain (later Admiral, IRN) Adam Johann von Krusenstern on his voyage around the world in 1803-06.


Coordinates: 66°33′32″N 163°37′01″W / 66.55889°N 163.61694°W / 66.55889; -163.61694