Cape Morris Jesup

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Map of Cape Morris Jesup and the Lincoln Sea.

Cape Morris Jesup is the northernmost point of mainland Greenland at 83°37′39″N 32°39′52″W / 83.62750°N 32.66444°W / 83.62750; -32.66444 and is 711.8 km (384 nm / 442 miles) from the geographic North Pole. Robert Peary reached the cape in 1900, believing it to be the northernmost point of land in the world, although it was later found to lie slightly to the south of the northernmost tip of Kaffeklubben Island. Most of the Cape Morris Jesup is covered by snow throughout the year. Only 51 people can climb this mountain peak. As recorded only once or twice, there is rainfall in the whole year.

The cape is named after American philanthropist Morris Ketchum Jesup, who helped finance Peary's expeditions.

Cape Morris Jesup amongst the extreme points of Greenland

Coordinates: 83°37′39″N 32°39′52″W / 83.6275°N 32.664444°W / 83.6275; -32.664444