Cape San Diego

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Cape San Diego
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Cape San Diego (Chinese: 三貂角; pinyin: Sāndiāojiǎo; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Sam-tiau-kak) is a cape located in Gongliao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The cape is the easternmost point of the main Taiwan island, and also the easternmost cape of Taiwan. On 5 May 1626, a Spanish fleet reached the northeast tip of Taiwan and named the native village of Caquiunauan (present Fulong) as San Diego. Later this name was extended to the nearby cape.[1]

There is a lighthouse situated on the Cape San Diego, called Cape San Diego Lighthouse.

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Coordinates: 25°00′27″N 122°00′06″E / 25.007431°N 122.001736°E / 25.007431; 122.001736