Cape Vankarem

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Cape Vankarem is a cape in the Chukchi Sea on the northern coast of Chukotka between Cape Schmidt to the west and Kolyuchinskaya Bay to the east. It projects from a sandspit across the mouth of a lagoon into which flows the Vankarem River. At the mouth of the lagoon is the village of Vankarem, a Chukchi settlement.

The area around cape Vankarem is bounded by narrow beach ridges and swales with numerous inlets and coastal lagoons. East of Cape Vankarem, Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld observed remains of ancient dwellings, as well as numerous bones of reindeers and bears. Walruses, and whales, including bowhead and gray whales, are abundant in the waters off Cape Vankarem.

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Coordinates: 67°50′55″N 175°48′24″W / 67.84861°N 175.80667°W / 67.84861; -175.80667