Cape Verdean presidential election, 2006

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A presidential election took place in Cape Verde on 12 February 2006. This was the country's fourth presidential election since the introduction of multiparty politics in 1990.

In a repeat of the 2001 election, two candidates representing Cape Verde's main political parties contested the election. Incumbent President Pedro Pires of the ruling African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV) was challenged by former Prime Minister Carlos Veiga of the Movement for Democracy (MpD). In the 2001 presidential run-off, Pires defeated Veiga by a margin of only 12 votes. In 2006, Pires won another narrow victory, prevailing by about 3,000 votes and slightly surpassing the 50% majority necessary to avoid a run-off.

e • d Summary of the 12 February 2006 presidential election results
Candidates, Nominating parties Votes %
Pedro Pires, African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde 86,583 50.98
Carlos Veiga, Movement for Democracy 83,241 49.02
Total (turnout 53.1%) 169,824 100.00
Source: National Electoral Commission.

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