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Cape Wine Master (CWM) is the highest formal qualification in the South African wine industry.[1] CWMs belong to the Institute of Cape Wine Masters (ICWM), which was formed in 1984, and administrates tastings and other wine events, provides information and access to specialist advice for the wine industry. CWMs are active in the wine industry as wine judges, wine educators, wine makers, marketing and sales and administration.[1]


The first successful CWM candidates graduated in 1984, having passed examinations set by the Cape Wine and Spirit Education Trust, but the examinations for qualification have come under the Cape Wine Academy since 2003.[2] By 2008 64 people had graduated as CWMs and there were 58 living members residing in 10 countries throughout the world, plus 3 honorary members. Education seminars and examinations are held in South Africa and Germany.[1]

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