Captains of the Sands

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Captains of the Sands (Portuguese: Capitães da Areia) is a Brazilian Modernist novel. It was written by Jorge Amado in 1937.

His novel tells of the Captains of the Sands, a gang of one hundred orphans and abandoned children. They are seven to fifteen years old and live by stealing, abandoned in the streets of Bahia, Brazil.

The novel's plot is about the story of Pedro Bala and his friends, the Captains of the Sands. The story shows us the lives of "Professor (Teacher)", Boa-Vida ("Good Life"), "Barandão", João Grande (The Big John) and Sem-Pernas (Legless), in a very consistent way of making a social critic.

It is one of the most popular books around students in Brazil and the story is still very known for its socialist idealism. Amado was a member of the Brazilian Communist Party at the time.