Capital 95.8FM

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Capital 95.8FM
Broadcast area Singapore and Johor, Malaysia
Branding 资讯第一台
Frequency 95.8 MHz
Format Infotainment, oldies
Owner MediaCorp
Webcast Web Stream

Capital 95.8FM (城市频道 in Chinese) is a Mandarin radio station of MediaCorp in Singapore. It keeps the Chinese community informed about the latest news, and entertains with magazine-style programmes and popular music from the '60s to the '90s. Its programme often includes gossip and speculation.

Capital 958城市频道 broadcasts 24 hours a day.


Full Time DJs[edit]

  • 黄淑君
  • 潘家镳
  • 巫许玛莉
  • 王帝璁
  • 高一欣
  • 汪丽贞
  • 林灵芝
  • 曾生莲
  • 邱胜扬
  • 梁萍
  • 李一莎

Part Time DJs[edit]

  • 徐冰
  • 高明
  • 李世佳
  • 邱秀仪
  • 林丽芳
  • 颜贵娟
  • 徐惠民
  • 吴捷玲
  • 王德明
  • 莫忠明
  • 罗邦强

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