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Capital Hotel
General information
Location 22-24 Basil Road, Knightsbridge, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates 51°30′0.36″N 0°9′42.12″W / 51.5001000°N 0.1617000°W / 51.5001000; -0.1617000Coordinates: 51°30′0.36″N 0°9′42.12″W / 51.5001000°N 0.1617000°W / 51.5001000; -0.1617000
Opening April 1971
Owner David Levin

Capital Hotel is a small 5-star hotel in London, England. It is located at 22-24 Basil Street, Knightsbridge, and is known to have been visited by The Queen.[1]

It was established by David Levin in April 1971 who still owns and operates it today.[2]


The Capital Hotel is a small townhouse hotel and its rooms are individually designed with original works of art. It features the work of designers such as Nina Campbell and David Linley.[3]

The hotel has eight suites, designed using materials from the Ralph Lauren collection. The mattresses are handmade and the sheets are Egyptian cotton.[3]


Gary Rhodes who earned the hotel restaurant its Michelin Star in 2001

In 1973 the hotel's restaurant, The Capital Restaurant, was one of the first three hotel restaurants in London to achieve a Michelin Star. It later gained a Michelin Star under chef Gary Rhodes,[4] and by 2005 had a second star under Eric Chavot.[5] It lost its stars after the departure of Chaviot in 2009.[6]

Wines served in the restaurant include those from the proprietor's eponymous winery in the Loire Valley in France.[3]


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