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Capri Records Ltd.[1] is an independent jazz label[citation needed] started by record collector, jazz enthusiast and entrepreneur Thomas Burns.[2][3] The Colorado-based label has a catalog of more than a hundred titles by musicians such as bassists Ray Brown and Red Mitchell, trombonists Al Grey and Phil Wilson, saxophonist Bud Shank and drummer Louie Bellson.[4]

Capri Records Ltd.
Founded 1984
Founder Thomas Burns
Genre Jazz
Country of origin US
Official website


Capri Records Ltd. was founded by Burns in 1984 with the release of an LP by tenor saxophonist Spike Robinson. Burns started the label when Robinson, who was planning on retiring from his engineering job to play jazz full-time, approached him. They produced three LPs together.

With the success of these and other projects, Burns sought to expand his label, funding it by selling much of his personal jazz collection (more than 40,000 albums at the time). He sought Denver-area residents like pianist/vocalist Ellyn Rucker, who made her recording debut for Capri. He was introduced to bassist John Clayton at Dick Gibson’s famous Colorado jazz parties by the great Ray Brown. He met Jeff Hamilton in 1978 at the 2nd annual Telluride Jazz Festival. He has also encouraged younger players like guitarist Graham Dechter and drummer Colin Stranahan, helping them get greater exposure through their recordings for Capri.

Current Activities[edit]

Burns’ liaison with writer/arranger Mark Masters has led to the resurgence of Grachan Moncur III, who had not made a recording under his name in 40 years. In 2013, Masters reworked the music of the rock group Steely Dan for an avant-garde big band setting.

Also in 2013, Jeff Hamilton suggested a recording with veteran actor Wilford Brimley[5] and his trio. Gary Smulyan wanted to make a recording of Neapolitan melodies with actor and singer Dominic Chianese, who was already well known for his vocal treatments of classic Italian tunes. Ali Ryerson, who along with Holly Hofmann and Frank Wess participated in the classic Flutology date in 2003, came to him with the idea to record an all flute big band titled Game Changer.

Capri's 2014 releases include new recordings by Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra featuring Ernie Andrews and Barbara Morrison; Holly Hofmann’s first all-alto-flute project; the Joshua Breakstone trio and quartet with cello; and a relative newcomer to Capri, baritone saxophonist Adam Schroeder, with his second release for the label.

Notable Artists with Albums on Capri[edit]

Selected Discography[edit]

  • Ellyn Rucker and Friends, Thoughts Of You[6]
  • Ron Miles, Trio[7]
  • Joshua Breakstone, Tomorrow's Hours[8]
  • Mark Masters Ensemble, American Jazz Institute Presents The Clifford Brown Project[9]
  • Flutology, First Date[10]
  • Mark Masters, One Day With Lee[11]
  • Phil Wilson's Pan American All-Stars, Celebrate the Music of Antonio Carlos Tom Jobim[12]
  • Curtis Fuller, I Will Tell Her[13]
  • Chip Stephens Trio, Relevancy[14]
  • Mike Wofford, It's Personal[15]
  • Tom Kennedy, Just Play[16]
  • Mark Masters, Everything You Did[17]
  • Ali Ryerson and the Jazz Flute Big Band, Game Changer[18]
  • Ken Peplowski, Maybe September[19]
  • Jeff Hamilton, Wilford Brimley with the Jeff Hamilton Trio[20]
  • Frank Potenza, For Joe[21]
  • Mike Jones Trio, Plays Well with Others[22][23]
  • Gary Smulyan/Dominic Chianese, Bella Napoli[24]
  • Joshua Breakstone, With the Wind and the Rain[25][26]


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