Captina Creek

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Captina Creek
Country United States
State Ohio
Region Midwest
Districts Southern Belmont County, Northern Monroe County
Source North Fork Captina Creek
 - location Near Barnesville, Ohio, Belmont County, Midwest, Ohio
Mouth Ohio River
 - location Powhatan Point, Ohio, Belmont County, Midwest, Ohio
Length 35 mi (56 km)
Basin 227 sq mi (588 km2)

Captina Creek is a semi-large creek located in southeastern Ohio. Captina Creek is an important creek to the region and home to about 56 species of fish.


In April, 1774, the frontiersman Michael Cresap killed two apparently innocent Indians at the mouth of Captina Creek in revenege for the murder of a white trader earlier that month. This, and the subsequent Yellow Creek Massacre (April 30, 1774), were the sole causes of Lord Dunmore's War (1774).[1]


Captina Creek is home to some 56 known species of fish. The surrounding area is also home to many diverse plant life and rare and endangered species such as the bobcat and the Eastern Hellbender.[2]


Captina Creek is located in the southeastern part of Ohio.

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