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Temporal range: early Cisuralian, 280–270.6Ma
Captorhinus BW.jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Family: Captorhinidae
Genus: Captorhinus
Cope, 1895
Type species
Captorhinus aguti
Cope, 1895

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Captorhinus is an extinct genus of captorhinid reptiles that lived during the Permian period. Its remains are known from North America. An immature specimen of Captorhinus was originally named Bayloria, and classified as a member of the synapsid group Eothyrididae.[1]


The name comes from Latin captio, catcher and Greek rhino, nose, referring to the theory that the curved premaxilla may have been used to catch prey.[2]


  • Captorhinus aguti (type species)
  • synonymous with:
    • Captorhinus isolomus
    • Captorhinus angusticeps
    • Captorhinus aduncus
    • Bayloria morei
    • Ectocynodon incisivus
    • Hypopnous squalidens
    • Paracaptorhinus neglectus
  • Captorhinus laticeps
  • Captorhinus magnus



Gaining Ground: The Origin and Early Evolution of Tetrapods by Jennifer A. Clack

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