Caramel shortbread

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Caramel shortbread
Millionaire's shortbread.jpg
Alternative names
Caramel shortcake, Caramel squares, Caramel slice, Millionaires' shortbread, Millionaires' slice
Place of origin
Region or state
Main ingredients
Shortbread, caramel, milk chocolate
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Caramel shortbread, also known as Caramel shortcake, Caramel squares, Caramel slice, Millionaires' shortbread,[1] Millionaires' slice, is a biscuit confectionery item consisting of a rectangular shortbread biscuit base topped with a very soft caramel filling and a milk chocolate topping.

It is known at least since recipes and references in Australian journals and cookbooks from the 1970s,[2] most notably in the The Australian Women's Weekly.[3]

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