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Caramoan Peninsula seen from space

Caramoan Peninsula is a hilly peninsula, with deep gorges and a rough, rocky terrain, located in north-east Camarines Sur, Bicol, Philippines. It contains the Caramoan National Park and is also an Important Bird Area with habitat for the Green Racket-tail (Prioniturus luconensis).[1]

Caramoan National Park[edit]

Caramoan National Park
Location Camarines Sur, Bicol, Philippines
Coordinates 13°48′14″N 123°53′00″E / 13.8039°N 123.8834°E / 13.8039; 123.8834[2]
Area 347 ha (860 acres)
Established 1938

The peninsula contains the 347-hectare (860-acre) Caramoan National Park which was established in 1938.[3] The park has caves, limestone formations, white sandy beaches, an islet lake and a subterranean river, make it popular with tourists. It is accessible by public transport from the town of Caramoan, and local people have established trails in the park for visitors.

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Coordinates: 13°45′55″N 123°54′41″E / 13.7654°N 123.9115°E / 13.7654; 123.9115