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Caravan or caravans may refer to:

Transport and travel[edit]

Specific automobile models[edit]

Road vehicles intended for human habitation[edit]

Aeroplane models[edit]

  • Cessna Caravan, a turboprop, high wing, utility airplane produced by Cessna Aircraft Company
  • C-76 Caravan, an American 1940s medium military transport aircraft

Types of boat[edit]


  • Convoy, a group of vehicles or ships traveling together for mutual support
  • Caravan Tours, an escorted tour company
  • Caravan (travellers), a group of travellers journeying together
  • Camel train, a series of camels carrying goods or passengers in a group
  • Wagon train, a series of wagons, moving together and forming a line
  • Caravanim, a trailer-type, pre-fab facility used as a living space, classroom, synagogue, or community centre in Israel

In literature[edit]

In film and television[edit]

Music and radio[edit]