Carbery's Hundred Isles

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Carbery's 100 Isles is a term that could[citation needed] refer to all the islands along the coast of the Baronies of Carbery West and Carbery East, descendants of the medieval Barony of Carbery, on the Celtic Sea. It is actually[citation needed] used mainly for those in and around Long Island Bay and Roaringwater Bay (County Cork). Many islands still have villages on them.

Because of the Gulf Stream, the islands have a warm climate. However, the islands are also exposed to the elements, so patches of lush vegetation contrast with treeless expanses of hill and bog, fringed with rocky cliffs and mixed shingle and sand beaches.

Cléire, Sherkin, Long and Heir Islands make up four of seven inhabited islands along the West Cork coastline.


The most notable islands are Cléire and Sherkin Island. But also include:

  • Long Island
  • Castle Island
  • Carthics Islands
  • Horse Island
  • Skeams Islands
  • Heir Island
  • Calves Island
  • Spanish Island

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