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Cast of the filmed version of Cats. Pouncival centre front row

Carbucketty is a character from the musical Cats. The name was one of T. S. Eliot's ideas for cat names, for a "knockabout cat". His role is primarily that of a dancer and acrobat.

Carbucketty appeared in both the original London and Broadway shows. In 1987, when the Broadway show was reworked, the character was renamed Mungojerrie. The actor who played Mungojerrie after the show was reworked, Ray Roderick, had played Carbucketty for a few months prior.

Carbucketty's costume suggests a Bi-colour tabby and white kitten. He has defined stripes as well as spots on a white base. A short fluffy wig and chunky warmers give the impression of a young, fluffy kitten.

Most fans consider Carbucketty to be a counterpart of Pouncival- a kitten with a similar personality and design who appears in many productions around the world. This may be because for the filmed version of the show the costume and role of Carbucketty was named Pouncival, as it was deemed more sensible for an international market to use the names used internationally. However Carbucketty and Pouncival is one and the same part. For the entire record breaking 21-year run of Cats in London the part was named Carbucketty.

Carbucketty was originally played by Luke Baxter[1] in the original London production. Jye Frasca was the final Carbucketty in the West End Production at the New London Theatre 2002.

A UK tour started at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth in February 2003 with Paul Farrell as Carbucketty.

UK Tour Carbucketty’s: Paul Farrell 2003, Richard Curto 2003-04, Philip Comley 2004-05, Kevin McGuire 2006-07, Craig Turbyfield 2007-08, Joel Morris 2013...


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