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Cardboard Citizens is the UK's only homeless people's professional theatre company and the leading practitioner of Forum Theatre in the UK. They work with people who have experience of, or who are at risk of, becoming homeless.

Cardboard Citizens was founded in 1991 by Adrian Jackson, as a London Bubble project. For the first four years it toured Forum Theatre by homeless people to other homeless people throughout the UK, performing in hostels, day centres, arches, the street and conference centres.

After Cardboard Citizens became an independent entity in 1995, the company broadened out into schools touring, as well as regular workshops, theatre visits, and large-scale site-specific collaborations. It is now a recognised contributor to the London theatre scene, providing opportunities for cultural explorations to homeless people - all without compromising its integrity and its allegiance to the oppressed.

Kate Winslet is the ambassador for this organization.

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