Cardiac notch of left lung

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Cardiac notch of left lung
Illu bronchi lungs.jpg
Bronchi, bronchial tree, and lungs. (Cardiac notch labeled at bottom left.)
Mediastinal surface of left lung. (Cardiac notch visible at center right.)
Latin Impressio cardiaca pulmonis sinistri
Gray's p.1096
TA A06.5.01.013
FMA FMA:13157
Anatomical terminology

The anterior border of the right lung is almost vertical, and projects into the costomediastinal sinus; that of the left lung presents, below, an angular notch, the cardiac notch, in which the pericardium is exposed. Opposite this notch the anterior margin of the left lung is situated some little distance lateral to the line of reflection of the corresponding part of the pleura. The cardiac notch lies along the fifth and sixth intercostal space, and the spaces can be used to access the heart in pericardiocentesis to relieve cardiac tamponade.

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