Cardiff University Students' Union

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Cardiff University Students' Union
Cardiff Students' Union main building
Motto Get Involved, Love Cardiff
Institution Cardiff University
Location Park Place, Cardiff
President Elliot Howells
Sabbatical officers

VP Societies & Campaigns- Barney Willis
VP Heath Park Campus- Claire Blakeway
VP Media & Marketing- Tom Eden
VP Education- Rhys Jenkins
VP Welfare- Danial Faraz Alauddin

VP Sports & Athletic Union President- Bryn Griffiths
Affiliations Aldwych Group, National Union of Students Wales

Cardiff University Students' Union (Undeb Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Caerdydd in Welsh) is the students' union for Cardiff University and is located in Cardiff, Wales, UK. As the students' union it aims to promote the interests of its students.

The Union building is situated adjacent to Cathays railway station. It has a shop, a restaurant, a pub (The Taf), a Night Club (Solus) and houses the studios of Xpress Radio (which is broadcast throughout the union), Gair rhydd (Welsh for 'Free Word') student newspaper, the award-winning Quench Magazine, and the newly developed Cardiff Union TV (CUTV). Its biggest student services are the Athletic Union and Societies Membership, the Athletic Union having within the region of 5000 students actively registered each year.


The Union has an in-house nightclub, Solus, which holds events throughout the week. The capacity of Solus is 2200. The Union can link both the Taf bar and Solus with the Great hall to make a "superclub" of 4000, making it the biggest nightclub in Cardiff, and also one of the largest in Wales.

The union's pub is called "The Taf". This is commonly mistaken to be a reference to the River Taff which runs through Cardiff, but it is actually a contraction of "Tafarn", the Welsh word for "pub".

The Union's Great Hall has attracted popular bands and musicians since the 1970s. The Great Hall also serves as one of Cardiff University's exam venues during exam periods, and has recently been adapted to be used as a lecture theatre by the University during term time. It also hosts the freshers fayres for the beginning of term to join in volunteering, sports clubs and societies.

In addition to the main union building, there is a smaller function room, known since 2005 as CF10 (after the postcode in which the Union is located). CF10 is the Union's student restaurant/café.

A counselling service, known as ARC (Advice and representation Service) which helps with all manner of issues that students can face.

There is a postgraduate centre also within the building providing space and IT and study facilities to postgraduates at Cardiff University.

The "3rd Floor" also houses the Athletic Union and Societies area. Student Volunteering Centre, is located next to this area also where all volunteering work is carried out and organised for Cardiff Students.

In the summer of 2008 part of the union was given a revamp. Part of Solus, the union nightclub was knocked through to open up a big space for a new coffee/ sandwich shop called 'The Kitchen'.

Elected officers[edit]

At the head of the Students’ Union is an Executive Committee of 8 full-time paid and 8 part-time unpaid elected student representatives, responsible for addressing the issues that affect students at Cardiff University, and for representing students views on an institutional, local and national level. These 16 propose new ways to move both the Students’ Union and the University forward, helping both organisations to modernise and progress.

  • The President is he public face of the union who also acts as the chair of the board of trustees and as the chair of the union's trading company, CUSL Ltd.

Notable past presidents include:

  • The Vice President Education is the main representative of students to the university, and also campaigns to raise awareness of academic issues affecting students.
  • The Vice President Societies and Campaigns is the main point of contact for Societies and is responsible for Societies activity in the Union. Also promotes diversity and cultural awareness within the Students’ Union through events such as Go Global.
  • The Vice President Welfare is responsible for welfare campaigns such as Housing Week and Money Month. They also work closely with the Union's Advice and Representation Centre and act as the reach out officer to the local community.
  • The Vice President Sports and Athletic Union President oversees the running of the Athletic Union and co-ordinates the activities of all AU clubs and the IMG programme. Responsible for organizing the UK's second largest Varsity between Cardiff University and Swansea University.
  • The Vice President Media and Marketing is editor and publisher of Gair rhydd (Cardiff Universities student newspaper), and oversees the running of Quench Magazine',' Xpress Radio and CUTV.
  • The Vice President Heath Park Campus is responsible for the integration of Healthcare students into Cardiff University as a whole. Leads on Healthcare issues and works to improve communications with Healthcare students.

There is also a Student Council Chair and a Scrutiny Committee Chair.

Part time elected officers include the Ethical and Environmental Officer, LGBT+ Officer, International Students Officer, Mature Students Officer, Postgraduate Students Officer, Students with Disabilities Officer, Women's Officer and Welsh Students' Officer. From September 2014 there will also be a Black Minority Ethinc Officer.


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