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The participle carding can refer to:

  • Carding, the processing of brushing fibers to prepare them as textiles
  • The Internet credit card fraud technique "carding", used to verify stolen credit card data
  • The bridge term carding, a defensive signaling used by a partnership in contract bridge
  • Carding, in North America, requesting a customer to show an identity document as proof of age
  • The Canadian Athlete Assistance Program, also called "the carding program", a program where elite athletes in Canada receive funding from the government
  • Carding Mill Valley, a small valley near Church Stretton, England
  • Carding, the placing of advertisements relating to prostitution in public pay telephones
  • Hole carding, advantage technique in the game of casino 21
  • Coning (torture), a method of torture using metal wool-combs, sometimes known as carding