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CareerBuilder Logo
Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Job Search Engine
Registration Optional
Available in Multi-Lingual
Owner Gannett Co, Inc. (50.8%)
Tribune Company (30.8%)
The McClatchy Company (14.4%)
Microsoft Corp. (4%)
Created by Rob McGovern
Launched 2006
Revenue Increase US$542 million (2009)
Alexa rank
positive decrease 30,935 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Active is an online employment website in Canada, with more than 4 million unique visitors each year. It is a child company of, the largest online employment website in the United States.[2] provides online career search services for more than 1,000 partners as of June 2011, including over 150 newspapers and portals such as AOL and MSN. was launched in 2006. is owned by Gannett Company, The McClatchy Company, the Tribune Company, and Microsoft Corp.[3]

Company Information[edit] was launched in 2006. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has more than 2,500 employees, and is under the leadership of CEO Matt Ferguson. CareerBuilder has presence in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.


Starting in 1994 as NetStart Inc, CareerBuilder sold software to companies to list job openings on their website and the ability to manage emails from those listings. With an investment of two million dollars, the company moved the software, named CareerBuilder to its own we address.[4] In 1998, NetStart Inc. changed their operating name to CareerBuilder. With this change brought an influx of investments—around seven million dollars from firms such as New Enterprise Associates.[5]

In July 2000, the CareerBuilder was purchased in a joint venture by Knight Ridder and Tribune Company[6] for $8 a share.[7] However, CareerBuilder was still trailing behind its major competitors. After a few mergers in 2002, Gannett purchased a one-third interest in the company for $98.3 million, adding CareerBuilder to its 90 newspapers.[8] McClatchy Company purchased Knight Ridder in 2006.[9] Finally, CEO Matt Ferguson won the bid with MSN in 2007 pushing CareerBuilder ahead of its competitors into the slot as the top job board in the United States. This is how CareerBuilder came to be owned by Tribune, McClatchy, Gannett, and Microsoft today.

CareerBuilder Subsidiaries:

  • - Belgium
  • - Canada
  • - China
  • - Denmark
  • - European Union
  • - France
  • - Germany
  • - India
  • - Ireland
  • - Italy
  • - Netherlands
  • - Norway
  • - Poland
  • - Romania
  • - Spain
  • - Sweden
  • - Switzerland
  • - United Kingdom
  • - Greece
  • - France
  • - France
  • - France
  • - France
  • - France
  • - France
  • - United Kingdom

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