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CareerScope is a standardized and timed interest and aptitude assessment for education and career guidance. The system is widely used in schools, job training programs and in rehabilitation agencies and has been validated against widely recognized criteria. CareerScope delivers an objective assessment (as opposed to subjective self-assessment) that is written at a fourth-grade reading level. The process is student or client self-administered and takes one hour (self-timed - interest & aptitude assessments can be split into shorter sessions). The system generates counselor and client/student report versions. Career recommendations can be generated that are consistent with the Guide for Occupational Exploration, the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, O*NET as well as the U.S. DOE Career Clusters and Pathways. It was designed and developed by the nonprofit Vocational Research Institute.

Specific aptitudes assessed by CareerScope[edit]

Specific interest categories assessed by CareerScope[edit]

  • Artistic
  • Plants/Animals
  • Mechanical
  • Business Detail
  • Accommodating
  • Lead/Influence
  • Scientific
  • Protective
  • Industrial
  • Selling
  • Humanitarian
  • Physical Performing

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