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Cargill Meat Solutions is one of the numerous platforms of Cargill Incorporated. The corporate office is located in Wichita, Kansas, United States. The meat products included in operation are pork, turkey, beef, further processing and case ready.

Jody Horner is the president of Cargill Meat Solutions.[1]

Food Safety[edit]

In October 2007, Cargill recalled nearly 845,000 pounds of ground beef after an outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 occurred in North Carolina.[2]

In October 2002, the Emmpak meat packing plant recalled 2,800,000 pounds of ground beef, also linked to an E. coli breakout. Emmpak is owned by the Excel Corporation, a subsidiary of Cargill.[3]

Cargill, Inc. is based in Wayzata, MN, is owned by the Cargill family and is the largest[citation needed] private corporation in the world.


  • Angus Pride (beef)
  • Circle T Beef (beef)
  • Excel (beef, pork)
  • Good Nature (pork)
  • Honeysuckle White (poultry)
  • Mead lowland Farms (beef)
  • Preferred Angus (beef)
  • Ranchers Registry Angus (beef)
  • Rumba (beef, pork)
  • Shady Brook Farms (poultry)
  • Sterling Silver (beef, pork)
  • Stoneside (pork)
  • Tender Choice (pork)
  • Tender Ridge Angus (beef)
  • Valley Tradition (beef)


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