Caribbean Island Swimming Championships

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The Caribbean Island Swimming Championships, or "CISCs", is a biennial aquatics championships held in even years. They are organized by CCCAN and feature age-group competition for teams from Caribbean island nations.

They have been held since 1976, and for the 2010 edition featured competition in all 5 aquatic disciplines of FINA: swimming, open water, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming.[1]

Participating Countries[edit]

The CISCs predominantly features teams from the Caribbean, but traditionally also includes Suriname, a member of CONSANAT--South America's Swimming Confederation. Residents of the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique have also been invited to compete, despite the fact that they technically fall under the jurisdiction of the French Swimming Federation and therefore are considered part of Europe (but geographically are in the Caribbean).

Twenty (20) countries have been invited to the 2010 Championships:[1]


Year Number Host City Country Dates
1976 I Kingston  Jamaica
1978 II Santo Domingo  Dominican Republic
1980 III Mayagüez  Puerto Rico
1982 IV Havana  Cuba
1984 V Port of Spain  Trinidad and Tobago
1986 VI Willemstad, Curaçao  Netherlands Antilles
1988 VII Santiago de los Caballeros  Dominican Republic
1990 VIII Willemstad, Curaçao  Netherlands Antilles
1992 IX Port of Spain  Trinidad and Tobago
1994 X Kingston  Jamaica
1996 XI San Juan  Puerto Rico
1998 XII Bridgetown  Barbados
2000 XIII Oranjestad  Aruba
2002 XIV Willemstad, Curaçao  Netherlands Antilles July 1–7
2004 XV Kingston  Jamaica
2006 XVI Salinas & Caguas  Puerto Rico June 26–30
2008 XVII Kingston  Jamaica July 17–23
2010 XVIII Havana  Cuba June 26–July 2
2012 XIX Oranjestad  Aruba June 23–27[2]
2014 XX Bridgetown  Barbados June 27–July 7[3]


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