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Carina Axelsson
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Children's Author Carina Axelsson
Born (1968-08-05) August 5, 1968 (age 46)[1]
[California, USA]
Occupation Author. Genre: Mystery, Young Adult, Children’s

Carina Axelsson (born 5 August 1968) is the American-born author of teen fashion detective series, Model Under Cover.[2]


After growing up in California, Carina Axelsson moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion modelling, working for clients like Vogue [3] and Elle magazines [4][5]

Carina Axelsson later moved to Paris, where she studied art and wrote and illustrated her first book, a picture book for children (Nigel of Hyde Park, 2004, Assouline).[6] Carina Axelsson rounded off her days in fashion with a short stint working as PA to international fashion designer John Galliano.[7][8] Her experiences in fashion - along with a love of Scooby-Doo and Agatha Christie - inspired her to write the Model Under Cover book series.[9]

Today, Carina Axelsson lives in Germany with her four dogs. She writes full-time.[2]

Published works[edit]

The Model Under Cover series:

  • Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion (Usborne Publishing, February 2014) ISBN 978-1409563686 [10]
  • Model Under Cover: Stolen with Style (Usborne Publishing, September 2014) ISBN 978-1409563709 [11]
  • Model Under Cover book 3 will be published in the UK in June 2015 [12]

The Model Under Cover series is published in the USA by Sourcebooks:[13]

  • Model Undercover: Paris (July 2014)[13]
  • Model Undercover: New York (January 2015)[13]
  • Model Undercover: London (October 2015)[13]

Other books by Carina:


Every year Carina Axelsson raises the overall budget of her local library by 25% to 50% with the sales of her Advent Calendar.[16]

Carina Axelsson says, "Growing up, one of my favourite places to be was in my local library. I feel strongly that town libraries are an important part of any community lucky enough to have one. But with the budget cuts so many libraries are now forced to endure, they’re facing an uphill battle in bringing new books to their shelves – and my local library is no exception.” [8]

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