Carl Abs

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Carl Abs
Carl Abs.jpg
Born 1851
Groß Godems, Mecklenburg
Died 18. Februar 1895
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Karl Abs
The German Oak
Debut 1880

Carl Abs (1851 – February 18, 1895) was a German professional wrestler. He is considered the founder of the modern wrestling match in Germany.[1] He won the European Greco-Roman Heavyweight Championship in 1894, a year before his death at the age of 44. His cause of death is unknown.

12.09.1851 in Groß Godems near Parchim, Germany 

+ 18.02.1895 in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst

- greatest German wrestler of the 19th century - German wrestling pioneer - 1879: relocated to Hamburg (said to be a member of the first German athletic club founded on 30.11.1879 in Hamburg) - 1880/81: first appearances in vaudeville and circus as force acrobat - 1882: wrestling debut in Hamburg (Greco-Roman Style) - trained by Jean Doublier in Paris (1886) - trained with Wilhelm Osthoff in Hamburg - managed by Carl Jänecke - greatest matches with William Muldoon, Tom Cannon, Antonio Pierri and Ernst Roeber - trained: John Pohl ("Abs II") and Heinrich Eberle - influenced the founding of many German athletic clubs

Early 1882 – Debut Carl-Schulze-Theater, Hamburg-St. Pauli Carl Abs def. Eiserner Wilhelm

1882 – Hamburg Carl Abs def. Eiserner Wilhelm (Rematch)

1882 – Hamburg, Reitbahn Carl Abs def. Theodor Markwart

1882 – Hamburg Carl Abs def. Gullhammer Brothers

1880s – Paris (after 1882) Carl Abs def. Dom Pedro Carl Abs def. André Christol Carl Abs def. Jean Doublier

Year unknown (1882 to 1885)

Hamburg Carl Abs def. Emil Naucke

Berlin Carl Abs def. Carl Kempf Carl Abs def. Adolf Grün Carl Abs def. Wilhelm Rüstow

Germany Carl Abs def. Sobien Carl Abs def. Lepp Carl Abs def. Ladislaus Pytlasinski

18.09.1883 – Magdeburg Carl Abs vs. Carl Günther Carl Abs vs. Lorenz and Finke

19.09.1883 – Magdeburg Carl Abs vs. Buchholz

20.09.1883 – Magdeburg Carl Abs vs. Schreiber

21.09.1883 – Magdeburg Carl Abs vs. Hellermann, Hoppe and Giebler

22.09.1883 – Magdeburg Carl Abs vs. Baumann

23.09.1883 – Magdeburg Carl Abs vs. Maki, Schreiber and Apitz

26.09.1883 – Magdeburg Carl Abs vs. G. U. (???)

1884 – Mannheim, Germany Saalbautheater Carl Abs def. Leonhard Holländer

1885 – New York - March 1885: Carl Abs moved from Hamburg Harbour on the ship "The Swabians" to America

19.03.1885 – New York, Turn Hall Carl Abs def. William Hoeffler

01.04.1885 – New York, Turn Hall Carl Abs drew Matsada Sorakichi

03.04.1885 – New York, Clarendon Hall Carl Abs def. William Muldoon

16.04.1885 – New York, Turn Hall Carl Abs def. Matsada Sorakichi

30.04.1885 – New York, Clarendon Hall Carl Abs def. Edwin Bibby

18.05.1885 – New York, Irving Hall Carl Abs def. William Muldoon - Most of the German sources said Abs won this contest. After his return to Hamburg he was build up as first German World Champion in Greco-Roman Style. Other athletic newspapers said he won a special trophy: Police-Gazette Medal sponsored by Richard K. Fox.

08.06.1885 – New York, Clarendon Hall Carl Abs def. Matsada Sorakichi

1885 – New York (May 1885 ???) Carl Abs def. Emil Voss

01.07.1885 – Philadelphia Carl Abs vs. Joe Acton - Match did not take place because Abs returned to Hamburg. A reason why he broke up this tour is not known.

late 1885 – Freiburg, Germany Circus Kremser Carl Abs def. Friedrich Wagner Carl Abs def. Tambour

1886 – Paris, Cirque D’Hiver Carl Abs def. Andre Christol Carl Abs def. Pierre Rigal Carl Abs def. Francois Fournier Carl Abs def. Jean Doublier

1888 or 89 – Hamburg Carl Abs def. ??? Carl Abs def. Bruhns

autumn 1889 – Lwow, Ukraine - Abs performed as force acrobat

November 1889 – Paris, Cirque D’Hiver Carl Abs drew Bazola

1890 - Abs made some appearances in Parchim, Germany

19.06.1891 – Hamburg Carl Abs drew Tom Cannon

25.07.1891 – Berlin, American Theater, Berliner Bockbrauerei Carl Abs def. Tom Cannon

1891 or 92 - Abs made some appearances in Cologne

1892 – Hamburg Carl Abs def. Auguste Robinet Carl Abs def. Leroy Carl Abs def. Masson

1892 – Berlin, Großer Garten, Moabiter Gesellschaftshaus Carl Abs drew Wilmowski Carl Abs drew Magnus Bech-Olsen

1892 (???) - Stuttgart Carl Abs vs. Magnus Bech-Olsen Carl Abs vs. Josef Weber Carl Abs vs. Windson (???) Carl Abs vs. Lorenz (???) Carl Abs vs. Geer (???) Carl Abs vs. Tröbelsberger (???) Carl Abs vs. Duos (???)

Autumn 1892, Vienna, Circus Schumann Auguste Robinet def. Carl Abs Auguste Robinet def. Carl Abs Carl Abs def. Masson

1892 or 93 - Abs made some appearances in Halle (Saale), Germany

1893 – Hamburg Carl Abs def. Magnus Bech-Olsen

28.01.1893 – Hamburg, Flora Carl Abs def. Antonio Pierri

14.05.1893 – Dresden, Viktoria Theater George Rasso def. Carl Abs

Winter 1893/94 - Abs made some appearances in Mannheim (Saalbautheater)

June 1894 – Munich, Circus Bavaria Carl Abs vs. Antonio Pierri

15.09.1894 – Berlin, Concordia Saal Ernst Roeber def. Carl Abs - a match against Roeber on 05 or 26.09.1894 in Hamburg did not take place

late 1894 - Carl Abs and his protégé John Pohl traveled to eastern Europe; most of the matches were held by Pohl because of Abs's illness

1895 - January 1895: Abs arrived in Hamburg - 18. Februar 1895: Abs dies after long illness in his home in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst

Also known as "The German Oak".

Championships and accomplishments[edit]


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