Carl August Ehrensvärd

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For the Swedish admiral and politician, see Carl August Ehrensvärd (1858–1944). For the Swedish military officer, see Carl August Ehrensvärd (1892–1974).
Carl August Ehrensvärd (1745-1800).

Count Carl August Ehrensvärd (5 May 1745 – 21 May 1800) was a Swedish naval officer, painter, author, and neo-classical architect.

Ehrensvärd was born in Stockholm, and died in Örebro. Though active as a naval officer during his entire life, he is mostly remembered for the burlesque caricatures of often famous people from his era with which he decorated his letters.[1] Some of his writings were published by Svenska Vitterhetssamfundet.[2]

In 1790, he was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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