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Carl Grimes
The Walking Dead character
Carl Grimes2 (Comic Series).png
Carl Grimes, as depicted in the comic book series. Art by Charlie Adlard.
First appearance Issue #2 (comics)
"Days Gone Bye" (TV series)
Created by Robert Kirkman
Tony Moore
Charlie Adlard
Portrayed by Chandler Riggs
Gender Male
Occupation Blacksmith apprentice (comics)
Family Father: Rick Grimes
Mother: Lori Grimes
Sister: Judith Grimes
Uncle: Jeffrey Grimes (comics)
Significant other(s) Sophia Peletier (comics)

Carl Grimes is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Chandler Riggs in the American television series of the same name, which airs on AMC in the United States. The character was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, and debuted in The Walking Dead #2 in 2003. In both forms of media, Carl is the son of primary protagonist Rick Grimes and is one of the longest-surviving characters.

In the comic book series, Carl begins as a normal and innocent child, but as the events of the new world order force him to grow up, he becomes colder and competently makes sometimes brash decisions for the good of his group of friends. The character's development is similar in the television series, where he is a normal boy before adapting a callous and cold personality to survive. This behavior puts him into conflict with his father, who desires to maintain Carl's morality.

For his performance as Carl, Riggs was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series – Leading Young Actor in 2012 and 2013.


Comic book series[edit]

Carl is the only son of deputy sheriff Rick Grimes and his wife, Lori Grimes. When the dead rise, Lori takes Carl to a purported safe zone in Atlanta, Georgia, along with Rick's partner, Shane Walsh. Lori and Carl join a group of survivors on the outskirts of Atlanta, formed and led by Shane. There, they are eventually reunited with Rick.[volume & issue needed] Despite being only seven years old, Carl is taught to shoot a pistol.[volume & issue needed] This comes in handy when he saves his mother from an attacking walker.[volume & issue needed] Later, he is forced to kill an unstable Shane in order to protect his father.[1]

After the group buries Shane and leaves Atlanta, Carl is shot and wounded by ranch foreman Otis while searching for supplies in the woods.[volume & issue needed] The survivors are brought to the farm of Otis' employer, veterinarian Hershel Greene, who successfully treats Carl.[volume & issue needed] The group remains at the farm for several days until tensions cause Hershel to evict them.[2]

They eventually find an abandoned prison.[volume & issue needed] While there, Carl and the others enjoy the prison's luxuries, such as hot showers and open space.[volume & issue needed] He is confronted with disturbing experiences, such as witnessing numerous counts of violence/death.[volume & issue needed] While Rick was away with other survivors, he frequently gave Lori re-assurance about his well-being.[volume & issue needed] Throughout Lori's pregnancy, Carl was thrilled with the idea of a baby sister and when Judith is born he is fiercely protective over her.[volume & issue needed] When The Governor and his army attack the prison, Carl managed to escape with Rick.[3]

During the journey, while returning to Kentucky with Rick and Abraham, he is nearly raped by a group of rednecks before his father manages to kill all of them.[volume & issue needed] In the aftermath of their murders, Carl confesses to killing Shane and being a different person than he was before the apocalypse.[volume & issue needed] Shortly after their return to the main group, Carl witnesses a fellow child survivor murder his brother, and he takes it upon himself to execute the child when he realizes no one is willing to do it.[4] He feels deep grief, but does not regret his actions.[volume & issue needed]

When they arrive at a gated community in D.C., Carl is unable to fit in with the other children due because of his horrific experiences in the dangerous outside world and the false sense of security the other children had.[volume & issue needed] During a zombie attack, Carl is shot in the face, losing his right eye, and in a coma for weeks.[5] When he wakes up and again is taken care of by Rick, he shows a much more negative outlook, berating his father for all of the horrible things that have happened because of him.[volume & issue needed]

When Rick decides to attack a group of survivors known as the Saviors, they retaliate by killing Glenn.[volume & issue needed] Rick decides to create the illusion of falling in line with their leader, Negan, but is actually trying to find more information about the group when Carl decides to sneak into one of the Saviors' vans and launch an assault on them, ending with him as Negan's new "guest".[volume & issue needed] Negan grows a liking for Carl, although Carl remains resentful towards him. Not long after, Carl is returned to Rick unharmed.[volume & issue needed] He accompanies Rick to "The Kingdom", a neighboring settlement led by Ezekiel.[volume & issue needed] There, they plan to go to war with The Saviors. Carl stays back in the Safe Zone while Rick ventures out to Negan's stronghold for war.[volume & issue needed]

Television series[edit]

Carl Grimes, as portrayed by Chandler Riggs

Carl is Lori and Rick Grimes' son and Judith's elder brother.

Season 1[edit]

Upon learning of his father's shooting days before the outbreak, he is devastated. When the outbreak begins, Shane and Lori take him to the supposed safe zone in Atlanta. On the way there, he is told that his father is dead, and he gradually began to accept it.[6] In season one, after they set up camp with other survivors on the outskirts of Atlanta, Carl begins to look at Shane as a father figure, as he does various activities with him such as fishing. Carl appears to be oblivious to Shane and Lori's ongoing sexual relationship.

In the series premiere "Days Gone Bye", Carl is seen with Lori and Shane at the survivor camp outside of Atlanta, and has made friends with a girl named Sophia. In the episode "Guts", Carl is in the camp when T-Dog makes contact as part of the group that went on a supply run to Atlanta. In the episode "Tell It to the Frogs", when Rick returns with the group from Atlanta, Carl is overjoyed and Lori restricts Carl's interactions with Shane. In the episode "Vatos", walkers overrun the campsite, killing and injuring many quarry survivors. In the episode "Wildfire", Carl and the group travel to the CDC. In the season finale "TS-19", Carl and the group enjoy the facility's amenities. Following the CDC's destruction, they start traveling again.[7]

Season 2[edit]

In season 2, Carl is shown to be yearning for more responsibility within the group, such as helping to scavenge for supplies. In the season premiere "What Lies Ahead", while searching for the missing Sophia, Carl is shot and wounded. In the episode "Bloodletting", Otis, the man who accidentally shot Carl, leads Rick and Shane to a nearby farm. The owner, Hershel Greene, treats Carl but reveals he will need surgery to save his life.[8] In the episode "Save the Last One", Carl wakes up briefly and talks to Lori about the deer he saw right before he was shot. Shane returns with the necessary medical equipment for the surgery, but lies about the fact that he shot Otis to save his own life. Hershel operates and saves his life. In the episode "Cherokee Rose", Carl wakes up as he recovers, and Rick gives Carl his hat and badge. In the episode "Chupacabra", Carl appears in a flashback from before he and the group arrived at the camp outside of Atlanta. In the episode "Secrets", Carl is recovered and helps his mom feed chickens on the farm; he begins to develop a colder mindset, which worries Lori. In the mid-season finale "Pretty Much Dead Already", it is revealed that Sophia was a walker and being kept in Hershel's barn; Carl watches as Rick shoots Sophia in the head.

In the mid-season premiere "Nebraska", Carl's new colder mindset continues to develop following the reveal of Sophia as a walker. In the episode "Triggerfinger", Carl learns that Lori is pregnant. In the episode "Judge, Jury, Executioner", Carl denies the idea of heaven and shows disrespect towards Sophia's mother Carol for mentioning that Sophia was in heaven. Carl finds a walker stuck in mud in the woods and taunts it, but the walker frees itself and starts chasing him; this walker later finds Dale and mortally wounds him.[9] In the season's penultimate episode "Better Angels", Carl saves his father by shooting Shane, who had become a walker.[10] In the season finale "Beside the Dying Fire", Carl's gunshot attracts a horde of walkers and so the group is ultimately driven off the farm.

Season 3[edit]

In the season premiere "Seed", six to seven months later, Carl has evolved into a child soldier of sorts; he has grown more proficient with weapons, and has adapted a more mature demeanor, as well as a more responsible role within the group. Carl is with the group as they setting into an abandoned prison. He has grown distant from Lori and shows a developing crush on Hershel's seventeen-year-old daughter, Beth. In the episode "Sick, Carl sneaks off alone to find the prison infirmary, brings back much-needed medical supplies, but Lori scolds him for going off alone. In the episode "Killer Within", after watching his mother die while giving birth via C-section, a distraught Carl shoots her per her request to prevent reanimation. In the episode "Say the Word", Carl watches as Rick storms off to find Lori's body. In the episode "Hounded", Carl, Daryl, and Oscar find Carol, who had been missing and presumed dead from an earlier walker attack. In the episode "When the Dead Come Knocking", Rick lets Carl name his new sister, and he names her Judith after one of his school teachers. While Rick, Oscar, Daryl and Michonne head out to attack Woodbury, Carl is left in charge of protecting the others inside of the prison. In the mid-season finale "Made to Suffer", upon the arrival of Tyreese's group, Carl takes the initiative to lock them all out of his cell block.

In the mid-season premiere "The Suicide King", Carl keeps Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, and Ben locked up, and when Rick returns he yells at them to get out of the prison. In the episode "Home", Carl and Glenn investigate the breach where Tyreese's group got into the prison, and report back to the group that the boiler room is overrun with walkers. In the episode "I Ain't a Judas", Carl tells Rick to take a break from being the leader, as the stress has been too much for his father. In the episode "Clear", Rick, Carl, and Michonne make a run to Rick and Carl's home town, where they encounter Morgan Jones, and Carl bonds with Michonne. In the episode "Arrow on the Doorpost", Carl helps Glenn and the rest of the group organize their arsenal. In the episode "This Sorrowful Life", Carl helps Maggie create a diversion to distract walkers at the fence. In the season finale "Welcome to the Tombs", Carl kills a teenage member of The Governor's army, who failed to drop his gun, despite professing to surrender, when the boy stepped closer to Carl, Hershel (who was unarmed), and infant Judith. Carl tells Rick he did not want to take his chances by letting someone else live who could potentially kill someone in their group; he brings up how he did not kill the walker on the farm that killed Dale and how Rick's decision to not kill Andrew and The Governor resulted in the deaths of Lori and Merle, respectively. Carl also appears angered by Rick's decision to take in Woodbury's remaining survivors, who generally appear to be less able-bodied.

Season 4[edit]

In the season premiere "30 Days Without an Accident", Carl has turned to farming along with his father, Rick tries to encourage Carl to be a kid, but Carl hardened by what he's seen and done is reluctant to do so. He does go to "Storytime" that is hosted by Carol which included teaching the kids how to use weapons when needed. In the episode "Infected", Carl tells his father about Carol training the children with knives. After an infection breaks out in the prison Rick lets him carry a gun again. In the episode "Isolation", Carl helps Hershel pick elderberries, which Hershel will use to make a tea for the sick. In the episode "Interment", Carl helps Rick reinforce the fences, but when walkers break through anyway, Rick and Carl arm themselves with assault rifles and gun them down. In the episode "Dead Weight", the Governor secretly watches Rick and Carl digging in the prison yard. In the mid season finale "Too Far Gone", Carl tells Daryl he has a clear shot on The Governor, but Daryl tells him to not take the shot as a firefight would break out. During the fight he saves his injured father before finding his sister's carrier empty and bloody. Devastated, Rick and Carl leave the prison as walkers invade with Rick telling Carl, "Don't look back."

In the mid-season premiere "After", Rick and Carl found a house in a neighborhood. Carl feels like he doesn't need Rick anymore and while Rick lays unconscious Carl starts scolding him about how he wanted to plant vegetables and hide while The Governor knew where they were. He goes on to state that he never forgot how to survive while it happened. He is later seen luring two walkers away from the house to kill them somewhere where noise won't attract other walkers. He successfully lures them away but encounters a third walker and nearly gets killed. He goes to a house and discovers another walker in one of the rooms. The walker nearly kills him but Carl gets away losing his shoe in the process. He eats pudding he found in the house while sitting on the roof. He later returns to the house and Rick rises from a couch being used to block the door from walkers. Thinking that Rick is dead, he raises his gun at Rick, only to cry saying that he is scared. The next day, as they are sitting near the couch, they hear a knock on the door. It is revealed to be Michonne after she found the pudding that Carl ate the day before. Rick looks at the door and says it's for Carl. In the episode "Claimed", while Rick stays back at the house to recover, Carl and Michonne set out on a supply run where they further their bond, and Carl learns that Michonne once mothered a son. They return from their supply run to find Rick fleeing the house due to it becoming occupied by a hostile group of men. Carl accompanies Rick and Michonne on foot until they come by a train car with a sign attached which points out a sanctuary known as Terminus. In the episode "Us", Rick, Michonne, and Carl travel along the train tracks towards Terminus, unaware that they are being tracked.

In the season finale "A", on the way to Terminus, they are confronted by the hostile group who now have Daryl in their employ. Daryl retaliates against the hostile group, and the confrontation quickly escalates. During the ensuing fight, a man attempts to rape Carl, but is stopped and killed by Rick. Carl, Rick, Daryl and Michonne continue to follow the tracks, eventually reaching Terminus. Rick decides to have his group sneak into the compound to avoid detection, remaining cautious of its current residents. They find the Terminus members in a broadcasting room, and are greeted by Gareth, the apparent leader. Gareth escorts Rick's group to the courtyard where other Terminus members are situated. Rick notices a Terminus resident in possession of Glenn's watch and quickly deduces that something is wrong. He draws his weapon and demands to know where Glenn and the other people from the prison are. Gareth has his men open fire on Rick's group and strategically rounds them up to a train car. Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl are forced to drop their weapons and step into the train car where they are held prisoner. Inside, they are reunited with prison group survivors – Glenn, Maggie and Sasha, along with new group members – Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.


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