Carl Joachim Hambro (banker)

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Carl Joachim Hambro
Born 1807
Copenhagen, Denmark
Died 1887
Residence Milton Abbey, Milton Abbas, Dorset, England
Nationality Danish
Occupation Banker
Religion Jewish (born)
Christian (converted)
Spouse(s) Caroline Gostenhofer
Eliza Greathead
Children Percival Hambro
Everard Hambro
Charles Hambro
Parents Joseph Hambro
Relatives Charles Eric Hambro (grandson)

Baron Carl Joachim Hambro (1807–1877) was a Danish banker. He was the founder of Hambros Bank, one of the United Kingdom's largest investment banks.


Early life[edit]

Carl Joachim Hambro was born in 1807 in Copenhagen, Denmark.[1] His father was Joseph Hambro (1780–1848). The family lineage can be traced to Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein in the 1720s. His paternal grandfather Calmer Joachim Hambro (1747–1806) had migrated to Copenhagen where he became a trade merchant in 1779.[2] In 1814, aged seven, Carl Hambro was sent to live with Danish zoology professor Johan Reinhardt and his wife. In 1822, Hambro, who was born into a Jewish family, was baptised and confirmed into the Christian religion at the behest of his foster parents.[1]


He left school in 1824 and worked in Le Havre, Antwerp and Bremen as well as North America. He returned to Copenhagen in 1829 and joined his father, Joseph Hambro, managing an international trading house established by his grandfather.[1] In 1832, they moved to London and in 1839 established Hambros Bank there. During the 1850s he was responsible for arranging various British Government loan stock issues enabling the bank to prosper.[1] He was made a Baron by King Frederik VII of Denmark in 1851.[1]

Personal life[edit]

In 1833, he married Caroline Gostenhofer and together they went on to have three sons: Percival Hambro, Everard Hambro and Charles Hambro. In 1852 he acquired Milton Abbey in Dorset and made it his home.[3] In 1861, following the death of his first wife, he married Eliza Greathead. He died at his home at Milton Abbey in 1877.[1]

One grandson, Charles Eric Hambro, inherited Hambro's Bank from Everard, while another, Major General Sir Percival Otway Hambro, joined the military, fighting in the Boer War in the 16th Lancers under Field Marshal General Lord Roberts, as well as taking part in the First World War.[1]