Carlo Emilio Bonferroni

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Carlo Emilio Bonferroni

Carlo Emilio Bonferroni was an Italian mathematician who worked on probability theory. Carlo Emilio Bonferroni was born in Bergamo on 28 January 1892 and died on 18 August 1960 in Florence. He studied in Turin, held a post as assistant professor at the Turin Polytechnic, and in 1923 took up the chair of financial mathematics at the Economics Institute in Bari. In 1933 he transferred to Florence where he held his chair until his death.

Bonferroni is best known for the Bonferroni inequalities (a generalization of the union bound) and the Bonferroni correction in statistics. However, although his inequalities can be used to derive the Bonferroni correction, the correction itself was not used until the later work of Dunn in the 1960s.[1]


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