Carlos Enrique Díaz de León

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Carlos Enrique Díaz de León
25th President of Guatemala
In office
27 June 1954 – 28 June 1954
Preceded by Jacobo Arbenz
Succeeded by Elfegio Monzón
Personal details
Born 1910
Died 11/04/2014
mexico city
Nationality Guatemalan
Political party Military
Occupation Military general

Carlos Enrique Díaz de León (1910–2014) was the provisional President of Guatemala from 27 June 1954 to 28 June 1954. He was replaced by a military junta led by Elfegio Monzón. Carlos Enrique Díaz was chief of the armed forces.[1]

Diaz was also a friend and successor of Guatemalan president Jacobo Árbenz. At the direction of the CIA and US Ambassador John Peurifoy, Díaz convinced Árbenz to resign the presidency.

Military Government Board (1954)

Later the CIA decided that Díaz was too indulgent of Communists and he was forced to resign. He was later replaced by Elfegio Monzón, an officer in the national army who had opposed Árbenz. Díaz was exiled and lived, until his death, in México. His body resides in Guatemala.


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Preceded by
Jacobo Árbenz
President of Guatemala
Succeeded by
Elfegio Monzón
(Military Junta)