Carlos Eduardo Gavito

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Gavito in 2004

Carlos Eduardo Gavito (April 27, 1942 – July 1, 2005) was an Argentine tango dancer.

In 1956 he started to dance in Buenos Aires. In 1974 he worked with Juan Carlos Copes. He also traveled the world with his dance company and his dance partner and wife, Helen Gavito who qualified from the Scottish Royal Ballet School. In 1995, he went to dance with Forever Tango, However, Helen was not invited to join him as the Director of Forever Tango only wanted Argentinian dancers - which she was not. Throughout the 1990s, he was part of Forever Tango played in eight US West Coast cities, increasing viewer's interest in learning the tango. Gavito was the only English-speaker in the company. Gavito's ultimate rise to fame came from this starring appearance in Forever Tango. He is buried in Cementerio de la Chacarita.

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