Carlos Gardel (Buenos Aires Underground)

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Línea B (SBASE).svg Carlos Gardel
Carlos Gardel (Subte de Buenos Aires).jpg
Station statistics
Address Corrientes and Agüero
Coordinates 34°36′14.7″S 58°24′42.1″W / 34.604083°S 58.411694°W / -34.604083; -58.411694Coordinates: 34°36′14.7″S 58°24′42.1″W / 34.604083°S 58.411694°W / -34.604083; -58.411694
Platforms Side platforms
Other information
Opened 1930
Subtepass Yes
Preceding station   Buenos Aires Metro   Following station
Línea B (SBASE).svg Line B

Carlos Gardel is a station on Line B of the Buenos Aires Underground.[1][2][3]

The station is located in the Balvanera barrio, at the intersection of Avenida Corrientes and Calle Agüero.

Carlos Gardel station runs under the Abasto de Buenos Aires, one of Buenos Aires' most prominent landmarks. There is an underground connection that makes it possible to access the shopping centre from the subway station without going outside to street level.

Although initially when this station was first opened in 1930 it was named Agüero after the road it crosses, it was later renamed Carlos Gardel, after the famous tango singer.



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